We are DNA Computers, and we are your friendly neighborhood computer store. Our goal is to be your place for the essentials. We carry a variety of common accessories and gear in stock so you can spend time doing what matters to you, instead of running around from store to store or waiting on the mail. Stop by our store today and you can find:

  • Backup Devices

    • Flash drives

    • External hard drives

    • Hard drive enclosures

  • Display Connectors

    • HDMI cables

    • DVI/HDMI adapters

    • Displayport cables

    • DVI, VGA cables, and more!

  • Computer Accessories

    • Wireless mice and keyboards

    • Speakers

    • Gaming mice and keyboards

    • Networking accesories

  • And much, much, more!

If you are looking for something we don’t normally stock, don’t hesitate to ask! We are happy to special order, with most orders taking only 2-4 business days. Stop by DNA Computers today, your friendly neighborhood computer store!