PC Won’t Start

Does your computer fail to power on? Or Windows isn’t loading all the way? Our DNA PC experts will perform a free inspection at the counter to determine the cause of the issue. If further testing is needed, our $25 teardown inspection tests all your parts and operating system to determine the exact issue and flat fee repair cost. We are computer experts at determining non-starting PC issues.

I’m getting no power on my computer.

This may be as simple as replacing the power supply, battery, charger or RAM. Or you may have some critical motherboard, laptop jack, component failure. We do all of the above and are happy to provide a free diagnostic to determine why your computer won’t power on.

My PC doesn’t load Windows all the way.

In this case, there’s a little bit more hope in that it’s not a serious catastrophe. You may have a Windows corruption, PC virus infection, or hard drive issue. Allow our PC repair specialists to check this out for you.

My laptop gets power, but I can’t see anything on the screen.

This is usually a screen issue and we replace screens same-day when we receive the parts. Of course, this may also mean the inverter, video connector, or other display issues are present.

My Computer Won’t Start. What first steps should I take?

1.First, don’t fret. It may be an easy fix. Make sure your plug or AC Adapter is plugged in and secure in the back of your computer. Maybe it is loose.

2. Secondly, make sure the other end of your power cable or charger is securely in a wall socket or power strip. Try another outlet in case one outlet is bad. Press the power button again. Maybe you’ll get lucky this time.

3. If no luck, bring in your non-powering computer to your PC Repair Shop, DNA Computers, for a free inspection and computer repair cost.

PC / Windows Laptop Won’t Start Repair Costs:

Charger / Power Supply Replacement $45 – $175
Operating System Issue $99 – $149
RAM Replacement $50 – $150
Hard Drive / Motherboard Replacement $149+