Laptop Spill Repair in Dayton Ohio

Liquids, including plain water, will damage electronics generally in one of two ways: first is through electrical shorts. Electricity is designed to flow through a certain path, or circuit. A short occurs when this path is joined in a place it wasn’t intended. While water itself is not conductive, the water may have particles in it from the pipe, and it may pick up dust on the board that will be conductive, causing a short as the spill covers different components. If this does not occur and the liquid is left to dry, the drying action will cause the metals inside the circuit boards to corrode and degrade. Corrosion can cause shorts, in addition to broken connections. If a spill occurs, the best thing to do is immediately turn off the device completely, and position it so that liquid can exit the device with the help of gravity. At this point, the next step is to disassemble the device. First to assist drying, but to also identify and clean corrosion before it damages the device any further.

Laptop Liquid Spill Cleanup Service includes:

  • Complete disassembly of the laptop
  • Individually clean the motherboard, internal components and contacts
  • Dry, reassemble, and test the laptop

Did you spill a drink on your laptop?

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to Prevent Liquid Damage to Your Laptop

  1. Don’t turn it on

    Turning your laptop on when it has liquid damage can cause short circuits which will cause more damage to the laptop. Leave it off until you bring it in for repair.

  2. Turn your laptop upside down

    Use gravity to help the liquid drain out and away from your laptop parts, motherboard and internal parts.

Accidents happen, and a spilled drink doesn’t have to mean the end of your trusted device. If you spilled liquid on your iMac, iPad, MacBook Air, or other Apple device, we can clean these, too! Look no further than DNA Computers for your liquid spill cleanup needs. Our skilled technicians will disassemble your device down to the screws, while the depths of every nook and cranny in your computer are purged of troublesome corrosion. A liquid spill cleanup should be conducted as soon as possible to prevent damage to the device, in addition to any data that may be stored. Give us a call, or stop by our store today! DNA Computers, your friendly neighborhood computer store.

MacBook, MacBook Pro, PC Laptop Liquid Damage Repair

It’s common wisdom that liquids and electronics don’t mix. So common, in fact, that a water- damaged phone or computer has been a plot device in TV shows and movies! Through speaking with others about their devices, it is clearly common to feel an active fear of spilling anything upon any of our beloved devices. Additionally, this fear can be great enough to give some nightmares! Sleep easy, because liquid spills don’t have to be the end of the world. With quick thinking and some tender loving care by the expert technicians at DNA Computers, many devices have been saved from the brink of destruction by damaging spills.