Computer Virus Removal in Dayton Ohio

In today’s online world, computer viruses and malware lurk around every corner. Despite our best attempts, sadly all it takes is one malicious file to break your computer and compromise your data. It is a constant back and forth; hackers design methods to break into computers, and security organizations design defenses against the hacker’s methods. Where infections occur is the gap between the introduction of a new method by hackers, and security organizations coming up with defenses. At its worst, dealing with viruses and malware can be like fighting a hydra -as soon as one infection is cleaned, two more spring up in its place.

Does My Computer Have a Virus?

In days past, file sharing programs and rogue email accounts were the most likely suspects for giving malicious computer programs access to a system. While you would be wise to exercise caution with file sharing and unknown emails, these days a top vector for computer infections is simply browsing online. A common tactic that hackers will use is to embed their codes in a website’s ads. If you have ever been looking at website, only to have a popup say something like “your computer is infected, act now!”, that is malware trying to make its way onto your system through the ads on the website.

How to Prevent Computer Viruses

Rest assured, there are things you can do as a user to protect your computer online. The first step in keeping your computer and information safe is to run system updates! This oft- repeated bit of advice is as true today as it ever was. If you have a Windows PC, this is especially critical. Mac users should still update in a timely manner, though. Running updates will keep built-in security solutions like Windows Defender as armed as possible. Built-in security solutions do a great job, but if you like the features a full antivirus suite offers, ask your support technician which software they recommend. Security changes quickly, unless you’re keeping constant watch on the industry it’s easy to fall behind.

How to Remove a Computer Virus

If your machine has been infected, removing the infection quickly is critical to the safety of your information. The expert technicians at DNA Computers are used to dealing with the kind of pesky viruses and malware that bring your productivity to a halt. Keeping your data safe is our top priority. Many times the infections can be removed in less than a day. Nobody plans to get a virus, but the next time the unexpected happens, remember DNA Computers, your friendly neighborhood computer store.