PC Upgrade

You don’t need to buy a new computer if you can upgrade your current one in a cost effective manner. Consult with our computer upgrade technicians who will recommend the optimal solution to provide your PC the maximum performance.

Our Windows upgrades include:

  • RAM / Memory Speed boost
  • Hard drive extra storage / Solid state clones
  • Operating system upgrade to the latest version
  • Video card graphics upgrade
  • Network card upgrade for faster browsing
  • Software Upgrades for better stability

Should I buy a new computer or upgrade my PC?

It’s a great question. Our rule of thumb is to only upgrade your PC, along with any additional required computer issues, if it costs less than what it costs for a new computer. Another variable to consider is the age. Simply put, a RAM upgrade is the easiest way to double the speed of your computer. We can mirror your current info to a larger hard drive and that takes care of that. If you have any PC upgrade questions, let us know.