PC physical damage repair

Computer drops happen.  Your laptop may fall from a table or your desktop may be knocked over.  We cannot plan for it, but our friendly computer repair techs are ready to diagnose your damaged PC with a free PC inspection.  You’ll receive a cost effective solution.

Computer physical damage we repair:

  • Cracked LCD screen
  • Broken hinges
  • Cracked casing
  • Jammed power button
  • Bent DVD drive
  • Hard drive mechanical issue
  • Damaged bezels / connectors
  • Keyboard / touchpad spills

Trashed your PC? Took a fall? On its last legs?

Whatever the reason for your PC being damaged, we don’t judge.  We just fix.  No questions asked.  Your hinge may be on its last thread or casing could be dented beyond belief.

We recommend to not let your damaged computer issue linger.  If you have a bad hinge, jack, or another failing part, take care of it right away or else it could get worse and lead to other parts being damaged as well.

Windows PC / PC Laptop Physical Damage Repair Costs:

PC physical damage repair $35+