Your hard drive is one of the most critical components of your computer. It doesn’t matter how fast your processor is, if it doesn’t have data to work with in the first place, you aren’t getting far! If you have a newer computer but it still feels slow, chances are your hard drive is mechanical, and it uses a lot of moving, spinning parts to store and access information. The future, however, is all solid-state.

The Mechanical Disadvantage

As mentioned before, many hard drives are mechanical, using spinning parts to store and access your data. This process takes time; it takes a moment for these parts to move around to find your data on the drive. Moreover, just like in your car, moving parts wear down over time with use. Wear on your hard drive slows your computer, and puts your data at risk.

The inside of a mechanical hard drive.

A Solid Advantage

One of the absolute best ways to speed up your PC or Mac and extend its life is to replace the mechanical hard drive with a solid-state hard drive. What makes a solid-state drive special is that it has no moving parts! The chief benefit is speed -because data is not accessed with moving parts and is instead read electronically, your computer can now get data as fast as it wants. No moving parts also means great reliability and longevity, there’s nothing to wear out! In a laptop, the lack of moving parts also allows for better battery life, and less heat output. Great points to keep in mind if you travel with your computer!

A Solid State Hard Drive

Fast Upgrades Upgraded Fast

The expert technicians at DNA Computers have years of experience upgrading PCs and Macs with solid-state hard drives. The difference is immediate, and the best part is that in many situations you can even keep all your data! In many cases, this upgrade can be done the very same day. Contact a representative or visit our store today for more information about upgrading your PC with a solid state hard drive. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask about other upgrades you can do to your PC at DNA Computers, your friendly neighborhood computer store.