One of the more common computer repair cases that we take in at DNA Computers is when there is a liquid spill on a MacBook. The customer is normally quite concerned that their computer is ruined and that their data is lost. This anxiety is typically compounded by the fact that Apple computers are expensive to being with, and most of the time the cost of liquid damage repair at the Apple Store is an unaffordable hardship.

Liquid Damage Repair Service at DNA Computers Kettering, OH and DNA Computers Fairborn Ohio
Liquid Damage on a MacBook Pro

At DNA Computers, we are experts at spotting, diagnosing, and repairing liquid spill damage on laptops (and other devices). Over the past decade, we have developed proprietary techniques we use to rescue and repair a high percentage of liquid damaged computers with our Liquid Spill Cleanup Service. Our technicians disassemble and inspect all of the internal components of your laptop, and detect and clean corrosion and residue.

Once the internal components have been cleaned, we test all of your laptop components for functionality. In most cases, if there are any unrepairable components, it is a keyboard, battery, trackpad, or other affordable part. The most expensive part in most laptops is the motherboard and/or screen. These parts can typically be restored to working order, unless a significant amount of damage, rust, electrical shorts, etc had already occurred before we received the laptop in for repair.

There is always the possibility that a motherboard and or screen replacement may be necessary in the unfortunate few cases where there has already been damage that the cleaning service is unable to repair, such as if there is an electrical short. The good news is that in those cases, our repair service is affordable, and all parts that we use to repair your computer come with our DNA Parts & Service Warranty. Because we are independent computer repair shops, we are able to source high quality parts at prices that are affordable. We are also able to source parts for and repair laptops that are ‘too old’ to be repaired at the Apple Store, saving you money and allowing you to continue using your computer.

If you have had a drink spilled into your laptop, bring it to DNA Computers asap. You do not need to make an appointment! Bring it to DNA Computers Kettering Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm or Saturday 10am to 5pm, or bring your computer to DNA Computers Fairborn Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm. When you bring your computer in for service at DNA Computers, an expert computer technician will assist you at the counter any time during business hours.

You may also give us a call at 937-298-2667. Choose option 1 for our Kettering location, or option 2 for our Fairborn location. DNA Computers offers a Hero Discount of 10% on all services to Military, Veterans, EMS, Police Officers, Firefighters, and teachers in honor of their service to our country and communities.

DNA Computers is rated A+ by the Miami Valley Better Business Bureau and we are proud to be your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Store.