Depending on who you are, you might call it a “rig”, or maybe even a “box”. If it’s very large, you might call it a “tower”. Sound familiar? I’m talking about desktop computers! The basic concept of a desktop computer hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years -you have components stored in a metal chassis, but what is inside certainly has changed! When the unexpected happens, and you need desktop computer repair, turn to the experts at DNA Computers. Our expert technicians can help you with a wide range of issues.

Power Supply Replacement

One of the most common issues for desktop computers that are a few years old is power supply failures. Power supplies take the AC electric current from the wall and turn it into DC electric power computer components need. Power supplies work constantly, and take the brunt of any electrical surges that happen during storms. If your computer simply does not turn on- no lights, no fans, no activity, it likely needs a power supply. This is a relatively simple issue that can usually be fixed the same day!

Testing for a broken power supply in a desktop computer.

Overheating Fixes

Heat is the worst enemy of computers. When we use our computers, they have to work to do all the math it takes to put an image on your screen. This work produces heat. Computers have fans that move air through the chassis to keep the heat down. Over time, dust builds up inside the case, limiting the cooling effect air has over the components. Left unchecked, dust can build up to a point the computer will get so hot that it will shut itself off to try to preserve itself. This is overheating. Good news, though! Overheating is a desktop computer repair that can be fixed quickly and easily. Our technicians know how to clean the inside of your computer so it can run at its best!

A desktop PC in need of a good cleaning.

As you can see, our expert technicians are prepared for whatever desktop computer repair you need. If your computer works but is a little slow, maybe it’s time for an upgrade? Trust DNA Computers, your friendly neighborhood computer store.