Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means it’s time for some of the best sales on video games all year! Starting November 22, and lasting until November 28, the Steam Autumn Sale is your first chance this season to pick up some great games at great prices. If you have a new gaming PC (like a custom PC from DNA Computers), now is a great time to start building up your library of games.

Steam Autumn sale

Haven’t heard of Steam? Steam is the name of the top gaming platform available for PC. Steam has tens-of-thousands of games available, from the most popular AAA titles like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed, to indie legends like Terraria and Rocket League. No matter what you’re into, chances are Steam has the games you’re into. With Steam, all your games stay in one centralized location, ready to download at moment’s notice. You can connect with friends, download mods for games, and join communities, all through the Steam app.

The Steam Application

Steam isn’t the only place to find great deals on PC games, however. A terrific tool for hunting down the best deals is a website called, which aggregates prices from hundreds of digital storefronts, so you can find the best deal on the game you want. The truth is, while Steam has some great sales, there are other places you can buy Steam games, often for a lower price, and this site will show you where the lowest price is at any time. Don’t pay full price for games! If you’re reading this wishing you had a PC to play games on in the first place, swing by DNA Computers, where our PC gaming experts will build a computer that is just right for your needs and your budget.