One of the most dangerous things that can happen to your computer is a power surge. It can blow components of your computer that it may take time and much expense to fix. There are some simple things that you can do to protect your computer and other electronics from the damages that are possible from a power surge.

Buy a surge protector for your computer hardware. Plug the surge protector in the wall and then plug your computer plugs into the strip. Make sure that the items that cost the most are the ones that are in the strip. The power strip equipped with a surge protector is usually only going to stop the high spikes that race through the power lines during a surge. They will trip the breaker in the strip and save your hardware. It also shuts down your hardware, and if you forgot to save that document edits or piece of programming code that took you the last 14 hours to create, well, you just lost it.

Obtain a power backup unit. This unit will not only provide very good surge protection but also has the added benefit of enough battery power to keep the computer running for a few minutes, so you can save whatever you were working on when the power surge came through.

Plug your computer and your monitor into the place on the battery backup that is marked Backup and surge protection. All other parts of your system like the sound system, external drives or other items can be plugged into the sockets on the side that says “surge protection only.” This will provide surge protection for the whole system and enough power to save critical work before it shuts down.

If you have already suffered power surge damage to your computer, you may find that the computer won’t turn on at all or when it does, gives you error messages or acts funny. In this case, please bring it in to our store. We will help get you back up and running again!