Spilling a drink on your MacBook Pro or Laptop computer can be your worst nightmare. Water / Milk / Beer etc and Laptops do not mix. If you searched Google for ‘I spilled water in my laptop’ or ‘who fixes liquid damage in computers?’ you have reached the right place. At DNA Computers, we can fix your laptop with spill damage! There are a few important things to keep in mind:

  1. DO NOT try to turn your computer on. If it was on when the spill happened, TURN IT OFF immediately and bring it to our shop.
  2. Keep your laptop slightly open and hold up upside down like a triangle to try and let the excess liquid drain out using gravity.

In many cases, our liquid damage cleaning service can restore your laptop to working order. Occasionally, there are some parts that we discover are no longer functional that need to be replaced (for example, the keyboard).

There is no appointment necessary at DNA Computers!